Flagging MOU_



Norfolk Southern

April 14, 2008 Rule 3 

October 29, 2019 Rule 31


Tie Plate Agreement


Crib Adjzer Western Region

Rate Progression-New Hires Agreement 3-11-1994

NS 2-9-2005 Rule 8 Agreement

Employees Transferring to other Crafts NS AGR 3-1-2000

National CDL Rate Differential Arbitration Circular 470 Dated 7-21-1997

February 27, 2012 NS Memorandum of Agreement

NS-AG-MW-02 Excavator Agr. 9-10-2012

Agreement –N&W /WabashJuly 1, 1986 Agreement-

NS Heartland Agreement 3-2-09

revised-rule-17 New!

production-gang-bonus New!

system-bridge-tie-gang New!

Track Patrol Arbitration

July 3, 2007

June 28, 2016 Revision to Meals and Travel pay


march 25, 2009 Agreement

Rule 8 Application for Welders

Feb 7th Benefits Educational

NS Mediation Agreement – April 25, 2012

NS Plaser Dynacat 2007 Agreement

NKP Realignment Agreement

NS Bellevue Yard Agreement

NS memorandum of Understanding-Retaining Seniority

Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt line Agreement April 1, 1975

CSX Hamlet Track Panel Facility Agreement

December 11, 1981 National Agreement

Local National Agreement for NS Employees



METRA-Remedy Settlement of PLB 5564 Award 76



METRA Agreement 9-7-2015

North East Regional Commuter Railroad Agreement

Norfolk Southern Belt Line

Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt line Agreement April 1, 1975


CSX Tamper Agreement

BMWE – MOA – Travel Taxability – Final 10-15-19BMWE – MOA – Travel Taxability – Final 10-15-19

CSX 3 Zone Vehicle Operator Agreement 5-24-18

CSX Agr. B&B Heavy Crane Gangs 4-18-18

CSX Agr. SPG Alternative Work Week 4-18-18

CSX Letter of Understanding Rule 24 4-18-18 Agr.

CSX Agreement discipline Expedited Form 4-18-18

CSX Compilation of Agreements 3-1-2017

CSX Agreement

Asphalting and Departmental Lock and Hold NEW!


MOA 1 Effective May 2007

MOA 2 Effective September 2009

MOA 3 Effective January 2012

MOA Welding

2015 Night Agreement

2015 Zone Surfacing Agreement (1)

2015 Zone Surfacing Agreement

2016 CSX Travel Allowance Notice


CAT 2X Operator Agreement

Composite Track Construction Gang Agreement (1)

Composite Track Construction Gang Agreement

CSX Engineering Early Retirement Vacation – 2017

Disability Insurance

Florida Tub Crossing Agreement (1)

Florida Tub Crossing Agreement

Hinton & NF&G Agreement

IAMAW Master Agreement 10-31-2012

IAMAW Per Diem Agreement 8-25-2016

IAMAW Roadway Mechanic Implementing Agreement 1993

OTM Tracker Agreement

Rail Grinding Agreement

Rail Train Operator Agreement

Red Block Agreement

Reduction of SLWT’s Agreement 12-1-2016

Regional Roadway Mechanic Per Diem Agreement 8-25-16

Roadway Equipment Repairmen Agreement

Safety Coordinator Agreement

Seniority Section of 2012 Agreement Clarification

Shoulder Ballast Cleaner – Night Flagging Agreement

SNR Letter

System & Zone Building Gang Agreement

System Machine Operator Agreement

Track Inspector Agreement

Track Mat Agreement

Vehicular Bridges and Structural Concrete Agreement (1)

Vehicular Bridges and Structural Concrete Agreement

Weekly Travel Letter

CSX repairman Agreement

Welding Agreement

Track Material Agreement

Direct Hiring SPG

Direct Hiring B&B


Attachment A – Clarification of 2012 Agreement

Redblock Letter & Summary

Clinchfielf RR Agreement 7-1-1973

BMWE – SPG Alt Work Week – OT on Thursday Agmt – 4.18.18

PLB Discipline Agreement – CSX EXPEDITED Final

Rule 24 – Expedited Claims Handling Agreement Final

Terminal Railroad

TRRA Guaranteed Work Force Agreement 1-3-08

Terminal Railroad Agreement

Wheelersburg Terminal

Wheelersburg Terminal

Alton & Southern Railroad

Alton & Southern Railroad Agreement

Alton & Southern RR November 4, 2013 Agreement


Keolis Commuter Services

September 16, 2019 Ratified Agreement

2004 MBCR Agreement

Details of 2014 Keolis Implementing Agreement

2011 MBCR Agreement

2013 MBCR – CSX Agreement

Foreman A Side Letter #3 July 28, 2020

Surface Crew Foreman A Side Letter #4 July 28, 2020

2022 Keolis Rosters

Springfield Terminal / Pan Am

ST(PAR)-BMWED 2020 Agreement

Ratified BMWED Pan-Am Agreement


2022 Engineering Rosters

St. Lawrence and Atlantic

SLAR 2017 Agreement

SLA 2017 Signature Page



IHB Agreement

08-24-2020 IHB-BMWE Agreement – Wage Increase


Amtrak North East Corridor Agreement

Amtrak Off Corridor Agreement